Mind the Gender Gap in workforce, including transport and logistics: the perspective from Sri Lanka and beyond

ESCAP is taking steps to mainstream gender in all its activities, to ensure that gender equality is addressed holistically in order to develop forward-looking strategies and contribute to efforts towards gender equality, poverty reduction and economic growth in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. Click ream more button for more infomation.

Empowering The Logistics Industry: National Logistics Awards 2022 By SLFFA

The Sri Lanka Logistics and Freight Forwarders’ Association (SLFFA), the apex body for the industry in Sri Lanka, will host the National Logistics Awards, which is a prestigious national-level awards ceremony for the logistics industry, on the 23rd of March 2022, at the Main Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel Colombo.

The major events occurred in my life at my alma mater, Ananda College....

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The concept of Virtual Container Yard (VCY)

The concept of Virtual Container Yard (VCY) is a platform in virtual worlds that provides optimum solution to container inventory management decisions. The physical operations of containers will be synchronised with the output (directives to exchange containers) of the VCY. Shipping lines may physically interchange containers at respective container yards according to exchange decisions proposed through VCY.

‪Prof. Lalith Edirisinghe, PhD

‪Prof. Lalith Edirisinghe, PhD

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Teaching and research has been my passion in life. I was fortunate to obtain working experience in important areas such as education, management, shipping, logistics, border management, and marketing. also, I secured academic qualification in each area and ensured I have updated knowledge to provide best services to the society. join with higher education institute provided me with immense opportunities to associate with many intellectuals and improve my research strengths. Currently I volunteer to serve in six editorial boards, as reviewer of 12 Journals. I have contributed as a session chairman in 6 conferences, served as a Panel Member in 6 seminars. I have participated in 4 International Projects, and 4 national projects. I prefer to have wider scope under my research direction including Education and Teaching, Commercial shipping, Logistics, Marketing, Maritime, Transport, Supply Chain Management, Tourism, Globalization, Customs and Border Management.

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Future of the Supply Chain Industry in Sri Lanka

Our primer focuses on the forces of change that will reshape supply chains from today to 2025 and offers recommendations for how companies can develop their supply chains to be fit for the future.


Bellow statistics show, How is Sri Lanka faring in external trade?

Data: TEUS  2011 to 2020 | Source: Sri Lanka Ports Authority


VCY (Virtual Container Yard)

The concept of virtual container yard (VCY) is based on the container exchange between carriers on a global platform. Each carrier has the full control of their containers with respect to release or hold for their own use. The fundamental prerequisite in a container exchange is that there should be a carrier who is in shortage and another carrier in excess. In chapter eight, as per the case study in Sri Lanka, it is evidenced that the prerequisite is met. Therefore, it is worthwhile investigating this concept further.

Lines may exchange containers provided it enhances the value of the supply chain to all participants. The basic requirement that demands this action is that one carrier should be experiencing a deficit of containers (either the particular size or the type in demand) while another carrier has a surplus on the identical size and the type of containers at the same time horizon and in the same location. The offeror however primarily needs to make sure that they have ongoing services (and agents to undertake handling) at the intended destination. Secondly, there should be a demand for empty containers by the offeror at the time that the respective containers are scheduled to reach. This demand should be either greater or equal to the number of containers they offer to the other carrier (offeree). Accordingly, the prime need for VCY is derived from the imbalance of container stocks in various ports across the globe.

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